Cook With Us #34- Secret Santa gift post for @chloephuan93

Hello Steemians! This is the first time I am participating this interesting #cookwithus challenge, where I am not a chef (in fact I am the worst cook in the family) but I don’t mind trying new things.

@chloephuan93 has been having a really hard time going through her storms and as a godma who can not really do much, what I can do is probably show her what I am doing and hopefully it will one day turn out fantastic for her to try out.

So today, I have managed to learn to cook a Vegetarial Dal (Lentils) dish that I have always loved; but since I am not allowed to eat spicy, I have twisted a little to my taste and I am still trying to tweak it properly.

Unfortunately I just read the contest entry and I hope that they will still allow me to enter even though I forgot to write a the paper down. @pandamama has previously seen my dish before in Whaleshares so I hope I will be able to update later when I cook another pot again haha; but rest assured that the images with a flower type design logo as water mark (my signature in all my original photos) will temporary fit in the criteria until I update it with a pen the next morning since it is quite dark now at the dead of the night.

So, let me show you my dish: @littlenewthings Tweaked Vegetarian Non Spicy Dal

Yes. There is no trace of spiciness at all, that is why it will be perfect for @chloephuan93 when I manage to season to taste properly.

It also has no diary ingredients so this too is perfect for lactose intolerant individuals.

(Perfect for seniors too if you manage to cook them soft enough)

Note: The Capati is store bought from the frozen section; I only cook them from package.

Here is the up close photo that I have cooked, where I added frozen mixed vegetables plus freshly cut carrot.

You can add in potatoes too, if you prefer it to be thicker and starchier; but when you manage to cook it properly, the softer mashed Yellow Dal (pigeon pea / Mung bean – I think I used the former, the package didn’t say) with the consistency will give both fiber and protein satisfaction.

What are my ingredients?

Actually the base ingredient was precooked on 17 Nov (the day my dad was hospitalised) but I have frozen them nicely in boxes.

They consist of white onion, mixed vegetables, yellow Dal (either pigeon pea or skinned mung bean) with spices like Indian mixed herbs, one dried full shaped Star Anise (Illicium verum), one cinnamon stick, a tiny pinch of turmeric powder, vege (for vegans) / chicken stock, Himalayan rock salt and pepper to taste.

I will have to show you all how to do the base mix (that can be eaten with it directly with Capati flat bread (or any bread)

Note: Turmeric powder is a good anti-inflammatory natural ingredient, and for me who has been suffering thresh, it is a perfect ingredient to numb the pain.

Other than the base ingredient, I have added this, which to me is the crucial ingredient to have that thick soupy stew-like dal; which most Indian / Muslim Indian (Mamak) restaurants will have.

Red lentils cooks fairly qick, and if you let it simmer long enough they will dissolve into the thick consistency that I have noticed.

Off topic: When I tried to boil my base mixture longer with vege stock, it wasn’t soft enough for that stew-like texture I wanted. The Red Lentils did the trick

I have mixed all of them together with some extra vege stock to a boil.

And after that, I transferred it to this Thermal Cooker (that my aunt gave to my mom as she had another one) and let it self-cook for another 8 hours.

You can use slow cooker or crock pot to do so, but since I cooked this at night time before bed it was perfect for it to just simmer nicely while I rested, without extra electricity used. Speaking of eco-friendly, that the way to go!

After that, it was ready to serve in the morning after a reheat.

It’s actually super easy one there’s a base ingredient previously made, but if you want to see how I did the base from scratch, that would be in another post because this is a little too long now haha.


The #cookwithus contest is organised by founded by @chefsteve@offoodandart and @pandamama. On their official @cookwithus account.

Homemade Spanakopita Mashed Potato

Today I attempt to make a simple comfort food that was introduced to me during my solitude time in 2015 in Antwerp. The host of just made some breakfast cum dinner and offered some for me and I found it tasted really nice and I liked it.

As you know that both Netherlands and Belgium’s staple food is potatoes, it is no surprise that there will be many recipe that will come out from it.

And this one added with a bit of healthiness , which is with baby spinach.

Baby spinach recipes are very common in Belgium; so instead of cooking multiple meals, you can actually mix them together.

This reminds me of our Asian culture’s fried rice or “one-pot-recipe”; and you know Asians will definitely have a lot of “tang” to it – just the staple food is rice instead.

A little nutrition facts about potatoes:

  • it has more potassium than banana!
  • it has good source of B6
  • it actually has no fat, sodium or cholesterol
    (of course, deep fried is not counted)
  • one skin on potato is only 110 calories
  • it has magnesium and antioxidants

So if you would like to only eat the potato without added stuffs, it is actually quite a good thing to have for survival.

No wonder in the movie the Martian (2015) you literally could survive if you can cultivate it!

But of course, this recipe I am doing isn’t THAT low calorie. Haha…

I so happened to have 3 mid-sized potatoes left in my storage and I have been attempting to finish off whatever I have as much as I can before I do my grocery again so that I will not waste any excess food; except this round I had to get some baby spinach.

After finish pealing, I have decided to use about 50g butter under low heat to let it melt slowly while I prepare the masher

I so happened to obtain this masher during the middle of the year just to make some mashed potato for my mom after her first cataract surgery, and you can see that it is very fast and useful instead mash until your hands are tired.

It’s not cheap, but for long term, a stainless steel can be a good investment for home made mashes.

After you add in the mashed potato with the butter, keep mixing with the spatula. Over here, you can add black pepper and salt for taste as there is no sauce to this recipe.

I chose Himalayan pink salt because it has other traces of minerals like potassium, magnesium and even some calcium compared to the normal table salt.

Time for some washed baby spinach!

While keeping on low heat , you add these greens on and kept mixing it until it is soft. I added about 20g worth of baby spinach leaves in it.

Gotta get those fibers in!


This should be your consistency and you know it is almost done.

While it is slightly warm you can taste it. Some part of the baby spinach can be slightly bitter so you might want to add a little more pink salt to taste. I added extra mixed herbs just to get the fragrance.

This is the basic recipe to it…

But, the difference of this Belgian mash is that it actually has an added ingredient.

You can choose to add feta cheese to it before serving.

But I don’t have feta cheese with me so I added some mozzarella cheese that still left from my previous mini tarts recipe. It gives a whole different level of consistency to the mashed potato and it is actually a lot more feeling.

I actually could not finish all and I have kept some for tomorrow. I already could feel full with only 3 scoops on a small bowl. Maybe it is the mozzarella cheese that keeps me from finishing everything.

I hope you like this version of Belgian Spinach Mashed Potatoes that I learned. A little different from the normal ones that you get from the fast food like KFC.