Welcome to Texingtal: The Forest is Beautifully Alive!

Today I just so happened to spot #photochallenge popped up at my feed and I have been wanting to continue to showcase the beautiful places I have visited during my backpacking trip in 2015 visiting friends.

And today, moving a little away from the cost line countries of the West, I have decided to introduce you the highlands of Austria.

One of my favourite place that was unplanned (by me) was the invitation to my friend’s best friend’s wedding whom I come to know and became friends as well.

And the wedding place they picked was astonishingly beautiful.

Let me show you one of my favourite spots when I had some free time to wander in at the edge of the place of the wedding was held.

I must say, that took my breath a way for a moment when I found total peace and quiet. with just me and the trees.

This is the beautiful inland of Texingtal, about 1.5 hours drive from the central city of Vienna, if you don’t have bad traffic in the city center that is.

You will need to drive pass these beautiful openings of fields where agricultureĀ  and farm is one of Austria’s main livelihood in the inner parts of Europe.

My buddy and his girlfriend (at the time) were in charge of organising the best friend’s wedding and we were there to get some of the things done, particularly the balloons.

But we are not talking about that yet. I will talk about the trees. Let’s not get side track and spoil the #tuesdayphotochallenge .

Most of the trees are untouched except when you are making mountain biking tracks inside where certain paths are cleared for a smoother way, and you can see they are quite healthy and tall.

I was fortunate to have a good 1 hour walk in the path and just soak in the fresh air as I quietly followed the mountain biking path; but I didn’t go too deep as I didn’t want to end up getting lost and my friends who are preparing the wedding and the groom will ended up looking for me instead.

However, I was very much intrigued with the place and its soil was rich and damp. Summer at the time felt a lot cooler and I was just enjoying myself on a cool afternoon before I head back to the castle (yes it was an old castle) to help out.

For a gal who has spent almost a quarter of her life working in the capital city, this was truly a sight for sore eyes, and I truly did not regret visiting this place as it was just really therapeutic for me to just enjoy the path minus off mosquitoes and heat at the time of the Summer of the beautiful Austria!

I hope you have enjoyed these magnificent pieces that I had the liberty to take with my trusty old D90 that I got from a resale which I managed to fix its motherboard right before my flight; but that has to reserve for another story to tell.

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