Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reasons

The last 7 days was a time to reflect whenever I had a chance to reflect in life. From books (including the Bible) to recently speaking to someone who regardless of our age difference has brought much insights in my journey of life.

Including why I have taken the time to write on this public permanent platform; which I can never be able to take back the words I put down; as if written on stones (as long as the Internet and the witness nodes lives, very grateful for their effort).

I have been trying to realign my thoughts lately, in personal life, work life and what I truly wanted. And this morning with the Grace of God I was able to chat with someone who has recently have a really serious head concussion, unable to do what she wanted to do anymore, limited with time due to her much need of rest; but yet, still has that fire and passion in her heart.


Partly because she also recently found her Ikigai – The reason of Being.


We, from the moment we were conceived in our mother’s wombs, have a purpose in life.

Often times we stumble across our years without really grasping the true reason. Hence most of the time we will just be drawn to all sides just to be able to feel the reason of living.

It can be from a vision, a material, recognition, even a person; that usually is not because what we truly wanted inside; because if it does, even without a positive outcome we would still be enjoying what we do and not running off to find something else to fill the emptiness that is inside of us that is supposed to surge from inside, unlimited, and overflowing.


This includes faith.


Wait… Why? Wouldn’t God be enough? Isn’t it good to live for God?

Yes it does. Only when you live for the right reasons.


Because in Christianity, unlike any other faith and religion, is a relationship lifestyle. It’s exactly like having a relationship with someone you love; and often times, you can do the right things for the wrong reason – in order to belong.


It is no different when a person (regardless of religion or faith) tries to fit in into a crowd just to feel – belonged.


From praise worthy fame; or just for a glimpse of Heaven.


What’s wrong with that? Isn’t it important to see open Heaven?


Yes it is not wrong; unless you are doing that just to satisfy your crave – like a shot up.


Just like helping out someone, prayers, care acts even – what are you doing those for? So that you can boast it in this public platform; or something that you will keep doing because you know you can and you know that some people will just need that small spark of hope without any feedback even.


That is where you will see whether you are doing this for the right / wrong reasons.


And how you can keep going even when there is no one looking back at you and say, “well done!”


Or with gifts, a pat on the back, adoration, and so much more.


You no longer be driven by fear, rejection, isolation even; and you are very clear what is right and what is wrong in the laws of nature.


( Of course, if those actually do come without you even expecting it, then that is the bonus you have in life)

Because everything that comes out, comes within you, the source of your being, when you know exactly who you are.


Just like a little child who knows exactly who they are in his / her parents’ eyes.


Only one who still have a huge question mark in his / her head be trying to do all sorts of things (or worse, not doing anything at all)…


Maybe these can be some of the questions you can ponder:


– Am I waiting for someone to just say well done?

– Am I doing this just for the sake of obtaining what I can have?

– What if that something I am currently doing / currently having is being stripped away from me; will I still be able to continue a brand new path with the same believes in me? Or do I feel that I can never be able to live another day?


If you are saying yes to all the 3 questions above, then you are just going onto default mode. Fitting in wherever you can, moving along the waves and dictated by its uplifting / destructive force.


My dear reader, you are not made to fit in, you are made to stand out.

pinched from Jim Caviezel


Everyone is very unique, and nature proves it right.


Look at your finger prints. Not one person in this world will be the same as yours.


But many of you (including myself) will never see this as a revelation until we find our core purpose in life. And some would simply point it out as – passion.


Not the distorted ones that you are doing for the sake of approval. You do it anyway no matter how many times you fail.


You just keep moving forward, picking what you learned be it achievement or failure, and press forward; you know what you are doing.

Below is a clip shared by my friend explains more about what passion is; where she used the Ikigai Method that is done by multiple times with a Life Coach of you need to. I know a few of the motivation / Life coaches in #teammalaysia would be more than happy to show you.


I hope those who are stumbling in life would be able to find it useful; and even if you DO stumble, be of good cheer, you can still stand up again because life is not at the end of the road yet.

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