Learning Dutch: With Screen Recording At the Same Time

Hello all! My apologies for being silent again for a while. I have been totally swamp with work not to mention that I have many hats to wear and juggle.

If you have noticed my first post about my understanding of Gender Nouns in Dutch and how it melted my brain; I have slowly began to improve from just a few noun to now some verbs and plural nouns.

I still occasionally make mistakes, but today I managed to be a little better with the practice except missing out “zijn” present patterns when I heard it wrongly. At the end of the day, I believe repetition practice is very important and you got to know what you are looking into.

I have recently decided to use screen recording for my 6s (because I installed Duolingo in that phone) and just tried it out. Unfortunately I think the processor is eating up a little (especially when the battery has gone down to 60% after watching Jolly YouTube series and watch how Ollie the Englishman learned Korean language) so the whole clip feels a little lagging.

Maybe I will try screen record again when I practice Korean. Yes. I do practice Korean too, but it’s still beginners when I am still identifying a , ae, e , eo, i , o, u ; proceeding to ya , yi , ye , yae, yo, yu … etc.

Please don’t ask me why e and ae exist. They literally sounded the same to me. And for a Mandarin able speaker, Korean was surprisingly hard to pick up.

So I hope you would enjoy this screen capture clip and maybe find Duolingo a nice app to learn basic stuffs. Maybe next time I will try to write them down and maybe add other nouns and try to create sentences of my own and let the Dutch community see and suggest.










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