Are You Ready to be Tested?

It’s been days I have been trying to write something, but the chain of events in my real life happening all over has been pretty overwhelming; nevertheless as long as we kept pushing forward and not losing sight in life any storm can be overcome – especially faith wise.

A lot of people on Earth always wished that things would go smoothly in life; great family upbringing, open doors to great career, meet the right partner, enjoy great friends, eat whatever we want, work whenever we want… you know, The Good Life; like a well oiled engine that will never stop.

But that kind of life is just a plateau, a boring state even; and humans, like any other living created thing, deep inside will never be truly satisfied even though one will slide into complacency.

Even a tree needs to be pruned to yield healthy leaves and bare fruit. Because if you are a gardener, you would have noticed that un-pruned trees, the leaves will grow old, and it becomes lifeless and dies off.

My recent lemon tree that I thought it almost died unable to weather the May – July heat (because I let it run its own course with just some water and fertilizer), now started to bare new leaves and it is healthy and lively again.

So it is the same as you and me.

In John 15:2, Jesus mentioned,

“Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit. “

So do not be surprise that when you think you have the good life, God is not allowing trials to come their way to test your endurance; not to punish you for enjoying life, but to train you to weather storms of life that can hit you any time.

And this happened to my own family.

I must admit, this seems a little drama, right?
From mom’s surgery, to another surgery; relationship challenges and financial trials – and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

But this is where that I know, that I have something to learn, to improve. Greater things awaits in the future but if I am going to face it with my current capacity, God knows I will not be able to handle it.

Before I go further:
If you think that Christianity is a fast track to a great life and abundance only, boy you are in for a surprise.

Any preacher that only emphasis this is only shown you part of how living in Christ is all about.

Even in the secular society when you are entrusted a higher position in the market place, or even to expand your business (for example), requires to even re-learn, re-set your mind just to handle greater providence at hand.

Nothing is ever smooth sailing, so don’t even start thinking that Christianity is a bed of roses. No sir, it can be an exact opposite.

But the best part is that you are going to be more equipped to head on in life and live even a much bigger better life; one season to another.

And right now, as I am writing this down, this shaking will not just only to be be, I can see that whoever that thinks that they have reached the mark, be ready for more: Especially churches.

To revive, sometimes is to be ready to be re-built.

Are you ready tests of life at hand to get you through to level up mode, just like in those games you got to have a big battle before you are powered up?

I hope this revelation gives light to many out there who kept wondering why life is so hard and is this ever gonna end; the thing is, perhaps, the next turning of rough roads, is a great prize waiting for you.

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