Seeing What Others Do Not See – Compassion

5 days with no posts could be a lot of reasons:

  1. Busy with work
  2. Settling things aside
  3. Stuck with nothing to write

All these 3 applied to me the last few days as I have been tied up doing stuffs in the real world and also spending quality time with love ones; and sometimes when you spend too much time with people even with someone you love dearly, friction can always occur.

I won’t really want to write anything down here but it is interesting when one person sees an incident one way, and another person sees it in an opposite way; despite both agree that the situation was not rosy.

This morning when I was reading through devotional I came across this interesting piece when how Dr. Les Parrott (author of The Mindfulness of Jesus) spoke about how Jesus sees what others sees differently, with the famous example of the incident how a corrupted tax collector could have his mind and heart totally change with one house visitation in Jericho.

He pointed out something that truly strike my mind in how I was handling the friction situation between my love one and me.

The life of Jesus is filled with these perceptive incidents. Where others saw a paralyzed man, Jesus saw faith. Where others saw a political traitor, Jesus saw a new disciple. Where others saw crowds of harassing people, Jesus saw people being harassed. Where others saw sinners, Jesus saw people in need of mercy.

Being in Christ Jesus, God has taught me to be mindful.

One sees a stupid comment as an annoying challenge; but I saw it as a troubled soul with too much worry saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

One sees an incompetent gesture in the past does not deserve forgiveness – that a leopard does not change its spots; while I see the little effort of trying to make amends is the sign of the beginning of a repented soul.

Yes – humans tend to repeat their mistakes. My experience reading the bible (even though I still have not fully cover it all in detail) shows me that history tend to repeat itself.

But that doesn’t mean there is no turn around.

If the Bible is recording historical incidents in the New Testament and Jesus did walk on earth (and not merely a fairy tale like others perceived), then I believe the goodness of God that leads to repentance (the change of mind) is true, and it can still work in modern days.

I am believing that the goodness of God will keep leading to people like Zacchaeus (for example) and anyone who has done so much wrong in the past, to turn around into a new leaf if they would let God renew them.

But who will be the agents who shows God’s intention now that Jesus no longer walks on earth in His physical form?

A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so also you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.
by Jesus – in John 13: 34 – 35

Those who believed and followed Him

We who are accepted and redeemed from our past failures are the only vessels left in this darken world that amplifies compassion towards those who think they are undeserved; who would see through Jesus’ eyes instead of our own.

Some might even say that we are some softie ready to be devoured by those who would take advantage of our kindness.

But who is to say that there will not be someone out there who truly needed a positive push to set back to the right track; just like how Jesus gave Zacchaeus and opportunity to mend right for what he has done wrong?

I can’t say that I am mastered the skill of the Master‘s heart in compassion; but at least I am willing to learn and improve with wisdom.

And I believe this is how love is, real love can be manifested.


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