Crossing the Border to the South Side – Hello Antwerp!

Hey everyone!

Before I post part 2 for Amsterdam, where I need to dig in a little more of my archives and get the locations right, I have decided to write on the next day’s trip, which is about 1 1/2 hours train ride down South and cross the border, to the city of music (in my standard) which is Antwerp.

It’s actually quite a beautiful place if you love the quiet side of a city by the river. It feels a lot different compared to Amsterdam, even though there are some pretty neat small malls with international brands to shop in.


So if you are curious to know more about Antwerp, which I couldn’t cover everything in one post as usual, please click on the picture to head over to the full recap of my first few rest days in Antwerp before I head on further south.

It’s not as long and thorough as the Amsterdam post, but you can get to know some of the highlights there.

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