Recaps of Amsterdam (part 1)

Hallo allemaal!

For some of you who has known me for quite a while would have known that I have actually been to Europe twice back in 2015; but it has been a little bit and pieces from my trip that I have written like the one I spoke about Prague or the one that I speak about in Vienna.

But since I forgotten to save up the URL and I ended up not knowing whether I have previously published them; moreover Steemit only shows posts dated as far as only 10 months ago, I have decided to write only summaries over here and you can head over to the link that I will provide to read it through so that I won’t lose its original content along the way.

And in this post, I have decided to briefly show you how my day trip in Amsterdam was; and it is only part 1 because I still need to compile it one by one, and I have someone now to keep me in check so that I can FINALLY finish writing it. haha.

I basically didn’t cover the entire city as it was more of catching up with the people I care about; but I DID try the herring fish which is totally a leveled up challenge for my bucket list . And if you would like to see my facial expression, you’d pretty much have to click on this link to find out. haha.

Overall part one was quite fun despite there were some rain, and most importantly is that I get to see someone I hold most dear who I did not see for 3 long years.

So I hope this summary post will bring you enough curiosity to click on the pictures to find out the part 1 of my Amsterdam trip. And please feel free to comment here instead about what you think.

It will be a lot easier for me to keep track in Steemit simply because I have notifications.

My takeaway from this day’s journey

Even @aikido.hung did not know that there was a new museum I discovered with my gal friends along the way. So even though it is just a short visit it was still considered fruitful.

For those who wants to read my Summer backpack trip in other parts of Europe which I need to finish it, please feel free to read this old post of mine: Treading the World – Loving Your Home … and I still have plenty to finish it.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this summary for my Europe recap as much as I have enjoyed preparing it.

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