My Day Alone in Antwerp (Recap)

Hello everyone!

Man! Writing a recap after years can be really challenging, but it is also fun to reminiscence where I was and how I felt at the time.

And this time, this is non other my favourite relaxing place during Autumn – Antwerp.

Although I spent most of my time lazing around and doing my work as well, but I still managed to cover some off places and took some really nice photos that I hope all of you would like.

Here’s a blow up size of the famous Gothic view of the Meat House Vleeshuis which actually situated very close to the pier in Antwerp.


There are plenty of places to see in Antwerp itself, which I didn’t cover much because half of the time I was resting and working; but overall if I were to travel there again, Antwerp will still be my favourite place until I find another cozy spot like it.

If you would like to read my full recap, please click on the image. I chose to keep it at my own site simply because in case I need to add or update something, I could still do so.

I hope you will enjoy my recap piece as much as I have enjoyed preparing it; and stay tuned for my next one that will cover both of the most famous landmarks in Antwerp.

A Day in Brussels on My Own

Finally, I get to sit down and continue to write further of my recap journey in Europe; and today, I will cover one of the famous places in Brussels; the Underground old Palace – De Coudenbergpaleis

I didn’t get to really cover a lot of touristy places in Belgium simply it was

  1. Raining on and off
  2. The change of routes every 2 hours was taking me in circles
    I think I literally passed the European Union building 2 – 3 times because I decided to take the Metro bus instead of walking in the rain.

But all is not lost, I discovered that fries overdose can be very fattening and coma inducing, yet still satisfying; but in case you want to try the special fries, be sure to get (at least) 3 – 4 people along with you… otherwise you would probably be fries phobia for a few days. haha.

And don’t try to eat the Special Belgian Fries with Belgian Waffles within 24 hours alone…

As usual, I have decided to write the full recap at my personal blog site simply because if I am posting it here on Steemit, I will not be able to edit (in case of any inaccurate information) after 7 days; so it is still the safest bet to write a summary here and you can click on the Brussels park picture to read all about it.

If you have been to Brussels before and you believe that there is more to see (by the way I didn’t manage to go to the Atomium due to Metro train closures) please do share your experiences over here at the comments section.

I hope you will enjoy reading my recap in the main site, as much as I have enjoyed preparing it.

ps: If you want to see how “round” my face become after 48 hours devouring the fries, do click on the picture to find out more.

Next Stop – Further South to the capital where all European HQ are located – Brussels (Part 1)

Wow, speaking of in the mood of writing… hahaha

If you have noticed why I suddenly posted another summary for my next travel log is because I wrote about Antwerp yesterday but only got post it today.

And I should have rested and proceed to writing the next post tomorrow but since my parents are reading, @aikido.hung has challenged me to write under pressure (haha) to complete the next recap for his city, Brussels.


I was actually there for 2 days but I will just cover the first day travel there in this post.

And as you will notice, AirBnB actually is much better than hotels if you would like to have a feel on how travelling freely is in Brussels (not to mention that it is actually cheaper than hotels), because it is not super huge for the touristy city center; except Atomium , which is located in a totally different area and I regretted for unable to visit due to unforeseen circumstances; because right at the evening of this first day visit, Paris was bombed and the whole city center (and other cities) were under Level 3 – 4 alert, where most of the MRT stations are closed for bomb inspection.

And as usual, I have decided to leave my goofy photos at my personal blog site, so if you are interested in seeing what I have discovered during my first ever visit to Brussels, please feel free to click on the image of this post to read the full take of it.

Do comment it here if you have been to Brussels and let me know what other really cool places you have visited while you are there. I definitely will be planning another visit there again as I did not cover much places yet!

Crossing the Border to the South Side – Hello Antwerp!

Hey everyone!

Before I post part 2 for Amsterdam, where I need to dig in a little more of my archives and get the locations right, I have decided to write on the next day’s trip, which is about 1 1/2 hours train ride down South and cross the border, to the city of music (in my standard) which is Antwerp.

It’s actually quite a beautiful place if you love the quiet side of a city by the river. It feels a lot different compared to Amsterdam, even though there are some pretty neat small malls with international brands to shop in.


So if you are curious to know more about Antwerp, which I couldn’t cover everything in one post as usual, please click on the picture to head over to the full recap of my first few rest days in Antwerp before I head on further south.

It’s not as long and thorough as the Amsterdam post, but you can get to know some of the highlights there.

Recaps of Amsterdam (part 1)

Hallo allemaal!

For some of you who has known me for quite a while would have known that I have actually been to Europe twice back in 2015; but it has been a little bit and pieces from my trip that I have written like the one I spoke about Prague or the one that I speak about in Vienna.

But since I forgotten to save up the URL and I ended up not knowing whether I have previously published them; moreover Steemit only shows posts dated as far as only 10 months ago, I have decided to write only summaries over here and you can head over to the link that I will provide to read it through so that I won’t lose its original content along the way.

And in this post, I have decided to briefly show you how my day trip in Amsterdam was; and it is only part 1 because I still need to compile it one by one, and I have someone now to keep me in check so that I can FINALLY finish writing it. haha.

I basically didn’t cover the entire city as it was more of catching up with the people I care about; but I DID try the herring fish which is totally a leveled up challenge for my bucket list . And if you would like to see my facial expression, you’d pretty much have to click on this link to find out. haha.

Overall part one was quite fun despite there were some rain, and most importantly is that I get to see someone I hold most dear who I did not see for 3 long years.

So I hope this summary post will bring you enough curiosity to click on the pictures to find out the part 1 of my Amsterdam trip. And please feel free to comment here instead about what you think.

It will be a lot easier for me to keep track in Steemit simply because I have notifications.

My takeaway from this day’s journey

Even @aikido.hung did not know that there was a new museum I discovered with my gal friends along the way. So even though it is just a short visit it was still considered fruitful.

For those who wants to read my Summer backpack trip in other parts of Europe which I need to finish it, please feel free to read this old post of mine: Treading the World – Loving Your Home … and I still have plenty to finish it.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this summary for my Europe recap as much as I have enjoyed preparing it.

Tried and Tested: Safest Way to Clean Rust

Hello everyone!

I am pretty sure you know some of you actually finds metal items are actually very useful, particularly when it is easier to wash and probably sturdier than plastic.

But often times even the mighty stainless steel (well, depending on the quality of the steel itself) could still succumbed to one of its nasty enemy (of all metals)


There has been tons of solutions that pretty much tries to sell you how to really get rid of nasty stains, and those products actually come with quite a hefty price; but recently during my reunion meetups, I met an old friend who is a strong advocate for vinegar who has shared how good it is.

And interestingly I was almost giving up trying to clean my mini steamer that was coated with rust until I found some youtube videos that actually mention vinegar can easily clear up rust particles.


After giving this a try, I soaked the surface of my mini steamer with vinegar for 8 hours and used a metal brush to lightly brush it; it works!

That gave me a little more confident that vinegar actually could work; but how about really nasty ones?

I head on to tackle on the metal cabinet at the new place I acquired that was coated with a really thick layer of rust and it smells really bad.

I bought a larger bottle of vinegar which costs about 60 cents USD and I allowed it to soak for about 10 days.


The day of the verdict came…..

I did use the metal brush to brush it in between the 10 days but I let the vinegar solution soak a little longer. This morning when I got a little time, I used the kitchen paper towel and started to wipe it off to see how well the vinegar did.

I agree it still needs more time, but look at the amount of rust it has gotten off from the surface, leaving the metal still in tact and not corroded.

I have decided to clean up and pour fresh vinegar and let it soak probably a few more days before I attempt again.

So do stay tuned for the result! And see if I can turn the insides of the metal cabinet back to its former glory!

Rest – the Song that Brings a Soul’s Journey Home to Love

Finally, I have a bit of time writing again…

It has been an overwhelming journey since last week when I took on the challenge to be part of the D101 team of Bob Fitts for a memorable weekend praise and worship.

As those who have been reading my post many would have known the last 1 1/2 years has been nothing but tons of challenges but one by one, God pulled me through.

The last 11 years with the LORD has been nothing but colourful.


This is especially when you get to learn so much from the renown yet humble missionary + song writer who rocks the world with the songs God inspired him to write.

I’ll just skip the technical part on how we learn 15 songs of harmonizing until we narrow down the right few songs just enough to bring healing and restoration to congregations who just needed that bit of rest in Jesus…

…and come into my personal journey of assurance and love that God has given me that I would like to share with you through this magnificent weekend.

You see, last weekend was not just another awesome worship experience for me.

Rewind back to 2002, when I was first invited to attend a cell home-fellowship, my closest friend and someone I loved so much on this earth was deployed after 9/11; and during one of our conversations, as concerned as I was about his well-being, this was something he shared with me.

2 Corinthians 12:9
9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Don’t worry, God will take care of me…

right before his tour of duty started.

And that was the beginning of my own journey seeking this one God Who would take care of my bestie whom I love so much; and how I was redeemed by my Lord and my Saviour.

Fast forward 12 years has passed, I never could really express this verse, how much His Grace, Christ Jesus is efficient during the time of my journey in life overcoming one mountain after another; while my heart yearn after God to keep His promise my bestie put his trust in that one verse…

Until last week when (uncle) Bob decided to pick this song for the congregation. A simple yet powerful lyric amplifying the scripture 2 Corinthians 12:9 and what Jesus has said:

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28

And in written in this way:

I rest in Your love

My strength comes from You alone

Your grace in more than enough

You are the fountain for my thirsty soul

You are everything that I need

My all sufficient King

I rest, I rest

In your love


This song didn’t really hit me hard during practice until when I was just resting and letting the melody and the plucking of the acoustic guitar, suddenly I was brought back into my memory…

…when I stormed up to a (quite famous) chapel and made God promise that He’ll look after my bestie because he’s His child.

During that time, I was not even a Christian myself; but I could still vividly remember when I walked down the staircase back to the car after a good hard cry, the peace (that surpasses understanding) was just flowing in me.

From that memory, a still calm voice came to my heart:

Didn’t I say I’ll look after him?

At that very moment, both Friday and Saturday session, my heart was just melted and walls of fear (that kept trying to build up from time to time during times of adversities) just broke away into dust.

I hope this song and the YouTube of the song I share with you here brings you your personal encouragement and assurance for those who are seeking rest and truth, that you are loved and

… everything is going to be ok

If you have personally encountered your experience of such I do welcome you to share with me at the comments (or feel free to write about it and share the link here too).

I hope you have enjoyed reading and assured, as much as I have enjoyed preparing it.